ALBUM REVIEW: Nick Santino - Big Skies

ALBUM REVIEW: Nick Santino – Big Skies

ALBUM REVIEW: Nick Santino – Big Skies

If you are one of those people that needs a bit of American spirit, well Nick Santino is definitely worth a listen. With the most recent release ‘Big Skies’ the former member of A Rocket To The Moon has come Long Way with no doubt. But it is this perfect combination of his voice, acoustic guitar and catchy songs that make an album as great as it should be.

Starting off with ‘Bad Taste’, you can recognise a bit of similar sounds and melody from the last A Rocket To The Moon album, where Santino was kind of experimenting a different direction compared to what we got used to. Same follows for ‘Can’t Say I Miss You’, which is definitely a BOMB – arguably the best song on the record!

‘Gone Like Yesterday’ shows a more countryside that Santino has explored for a while now starting off his solo career as Nick Santino and Northern Wind. Piano entry in ‘Jackson Browne’ and catchy start in ‘Keep On Going’ make a perfect combination to listen to one after another.

Despite being half way through the record, ‘Back To Where I’m From’ won’t let you give up without finishing all 11 songs, as it is so easy to relate to of what is being sung! Especially, ‘It Is What It Is’ reminds you of childhood and growing up.

This album is perfect regarding the position of every song, which makes you listen to it non-stop after it came out. A more slower song ‘Have A Little Faith In Me’ is followed by a catchy early release ‘Long Way Home’ that features singer from The Maine, which is definitely one of the best songs on ‘Big Skies’.

‘Mood Ring Eyes’ is a another ‘quicker’ song on the record, but Nick Santino is doing his job best when it comes to slow songs, which is a reason why ‘She Don’t Miss Me’ is a perfect fit to finish off an album! Great job, Nick!


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