Watch The Color Morale’s new music video for ‘Prey For Me’


The Color Morale have released a new video for ‘Prey For Me’, a track taken from their recently released album Hold On Pain Ends. (Via Fearless Records).

Here is what a vocalist Garret Rapp had to say about a new video: ‘The music video for ‘Prey For Me’ consists of harsh and aggressive subject matter like eating disorders, drug abuse, self-harm, and suicide. I spent our entire album cycle communicating with kids and adults alike on how our previous video and album affected them emotionally before we wrote this record. There wasn’t one day while I was on tour that I didn’t encounter kids with self-harm wounds and self-sabotage stories. It saddens me that there are closed-minded critics that will see something like the video for ‘Prey For Me’ as “cliché” or “generic.”  The reality is that I relate and connect to the people buried in self-sabotage like I have been. The reality is also that I have been handed countlessletters and shared countless stories while tears fell. That’s who this video and this record is for, specifically, people that need reminders that they aren’t alone in their fight. We all have voices, and this music video was another chance to use them and connect. It’s a reminder we don’t have to remain victim to ourselves—we are capable of greater.’

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