If you haven’t heard, you’re about to find your newest guilty pleasure” – Curve Magazine.

Trio Manic Pixi is definitely worth a listen, especially to their recently released debut album Sugar Bomb! . With no doubt it is going to be a great treat while getting to school/uni/work every morning. It covers a range of topics and versatile styles, from punchy-pop singles such as “Kiss Me” to soulful, ballad-like songs like “Blue Wine”.

Not enough? What can be a better way to get to know about the album than from the members themselves. Check out what front woman Kat had to say about the release, a band and personal interests in the interview below!


Hello, it would be great if you could tell us more about the formation of a band as well as the influences of the band name!

Kat: Hi! The band started with me approaching our drummer Emmett with a few songs I had written. He and I argue about the timeline of it all, but we met in Poetry Club at Berklee College of Music. We struggled to get the project off the ground for a while. I went to London, he was busy with his metal band, and it seemed like we had a different guitarist every week. Then we met Marshall through my vocal coach at the time. Marsh was this incredible beam of light that saturated our atmosphere! We played the Boston scene for a while with a few different bassists, most notably, Tom Shani (who plays on the record).

The name, Manic Pixi, was a result of a name change we made in the spring. We were having issues with confusion over our old name “Sugar Bomb”. We must have come up with a hundred names! Manic Pixi ended up being the name that everyone loved the most, which is great because I chose our old name and I feel like, we chose the new one together.


Your debut album Sugar Bomb! is coming out tomorrow on 16th of September. Can you tell us more about the recording process and what should we expect from it.

Kat: The recording process for Sugar Bomb was a pain in the ass. No joke. Our album was this close to not existing. We had disputes with our studio, our producer, lost tracks, lost background vocals, and we had it mastered by a new engineer at the last minute. But the album is almost more special because we fought so hard to save it. You don’t really realize how much you want something until it is being taken away. I think you’ll be surprised with how eclectic the record is. There is an element of surprise, especially on tracks like “Under Your Spell” and “Meteor Shower”. We aren’t the kind of band that has one sound or maybe we are and that signature sound is jumble of genres. Woooaah.


Is it going to be a lot different from ‘Kiss Me’? 

Kat: We go in deeper than “Kiss Me”, but I would recommend that song to anyone who wants to get the gist of what we do.


Different sources tell us and from experience of listening to some of your songs, your music sounds a lot like a mixture of No Doubt, Paramore, Green Day and Letters To Cleo. Nonetheless, who would you say is your biggest influence?

Kat: We all have our personal influences, but I’m a big nineties fan. Someone told me we sounded like Letters to Cleo and my eyes got really wide like a crackhead squirral. I was inspired by Brody Dalle of The Distillers for the vocal parts on the album. We all like pop-punk but our band is interesting because of all of the out-of-genre influences. Drew and I are obsessed with Death Cab, Marshall loves funk and Bernhoft, and Emmett dies for Dillinger Escape Plan.


What colour describes your music (it can be a mixture?)

Hot Pink.


Have you been playing any festivals? (If yes, do you prefer festivals or concerts, as crowd differ significantly)

You know, I wish we played more festivals. We have some stuff lined up for CMJ but we are a commuter band and struggle with getting to festivals.


What releases do you recommend for people to listen to that came out this year? Which ones are your favourite?

I really like the most recent Against Me! Candy Hearts, and the Hotelier.


Final question, who is your favourite person to follow on twitter?

Ellen Page. She renames other people’s dogs on twitter and it’s hilarious. I have a big crush on her and if I ever meet her, I’m going to hug her and linger. 



Stream an album below and let us know what you think!



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