William Beckett releases a new song ‘Lock In’



William Beckett  (former frontman of Academy Is…) has released a new song ‘Lock In’ which is due to be released on 27th of October. However, you can stream a new single via Equal Vision Records. The track itself is the theme song to author John Scalzi’s latest NY Times Best Selling novel of the same name.

Here is what Beckett added on the newest release: ‘In most ways, this collaboration of novel and song is a case of two worlds colliding. That’s what excited me most when Scalzi approached me to write the theme for his book Lock In. Being mutual fans of each other’s work, it seemed like a great fit, and I’m always up for a challenge. Then after reading the novel I was completely taken by the story and I KNEW that I had to be a part of it. The song reflects the dark mystery that surrounds Scalzi’s world of Lock In, while painting a broader stroke on the overall universal themes of isolation, fear and response in the face of catastrophe – both on an individual level and on society itself. A world where the need to “belong” and feel “normal” feed the unending hunger for power and control. Sound familiar?’


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