REVIEW: The Madden Brothers - Greetings From California

REVIEW: The Madden Brothers – Greetings From California

REVIEW: The Madden Brothers – Greetings From California

Greetings From California is a first release for brother-duet The Madden Brothers. This album might be completely different from what we got used to from Benji and Joel, but nevertheless it is music they have been influenced by even when Good Charlotte was being played in most teenagers’ iPods, or CD Players actually.

Starting off with ‘Dear Jane’, the listener definitely appreciates the style that the next 13 songs will bring. It is this melodic chorus that is definitely contagious, but the same follows for a third track ‘Out Of My Mind’, which is arguably, one of the best singles on the record. The various beats/rhythms of ‘Brixton’ will definitely force your mind to keep attention while the song is on repeat, as it is completely not what we expected. Nonetheless, a more familiar track ‘We Are Done’ acts like a break, while ‘U R’ reminds you of some bits from Good Charlotte’s works.

A completely different atmosphere is experienced during ‘California Rain’, which doesn’t sound anything like any other track on the record. ‘Brother’ can be included in the same category. Even these songs are closer to GC’s ‘1979’ it adds something to the Greetings From California, removing the monotone sound.

Moving on, a bit quicker ‘Bad’ is followed by ‘Good Gracious Abbey’, which is definitely worth a listen due to its ballad-style start and up/down versus throughout the whole song.

It is always a good idea to finish a record with acoustic songs and The Madden Brothers did a great job by finishing it off with ‘Empty Spirits’.

Whether you were a huge Good Charlotte’s fan, it doesn’t stop you from being a huge Madden Brother’s fan. This record is definitely a good choice for a road trip in California, or anywhere else, as there is a song for everyone.
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