It was a pleasure speaking to Alex Costello (frontman of Roam) before their show in O2 Academy Islington. Being well-known in the UK pop-punk scene, Roam is a band that is definitely worth a listen. Head Down, the band’s recent release, is catchy and all of the songs are sing-along, but it is nothing compared to what we should expect from them in the nearest future. Here is what Alex had to say about the recording process, new music and biggest influences!



Hello, it would be great if you could tell us what you do in the band and more about the formation of a band.

Alex: “Hi! Roam is a 5-piece band. I’m a singer, we have two guitarist, a bass player and a drummer. We were in a band before – me, Alex (the guitarist), Charlie (the drummer) and Sam. Then we decided to kind of change a sound and that’s when… I used to play a bass and then I went off; wanted to just sing. So that’s where we got Matt to play bass for us. He was the only bass player in Eastbourne. So, he just got in.”


How did you come with the band name, any influences?

Alex: “I don’t know… Basically, we just looked at our iPod; Story So Far song and just called it Roam. Yeah [laughs]”


You have released Head Down in 2013, talk about the songwriting and recording process.

Alex: “Yes, so we recorded it in the studio around Maidstone area, down south of England. Yeah, it was definitely a step-up from a last stuff we did. We really felt like the song writing really stepped up. It’s more about the things that we actually care about – just life in general, instead of just writing a song about nothing. And the music got more technical and so it is more fun to play live.”


What does Head Down reflect about you?

Alex: “Just the energy, maybe? Yeah, the energy.”


When can we expect new music? What would make it different from the previous?

Alex: “We’ve just recorded… few weeks ago. We have just been in the studio with Seb Barlow and finished our next EP, and we’ll be releasing that soon. I am not sure what date it is, but it is all finished. We just need to think of names for songs and EP!”


Where are you happiest — on stage or in the studio?

Alex: “I love…live is awesome, but it is never a perfected sound. So when we get into the studio and everything is getting done to perfection and then you hear it – it is the best thing in the world! I’m torn really, because live is really good.”


What is your setlist for tonight?

Alex: “We’ll be playing Head Down in it’s entirety , couple of old songs and then a brand new one. That will be coming out soon with a new EP. Yeeaah”


What releases do you recommend for people to listen to that came out this year? Which ones are your favourite?

Alex: “As It Is by This Mind Of Mine – one of my mates’ EP. It was released earlier this year, I think. I’d say Water Canvas – another band from our area and they are very good. Their EP came out like a couple of months ago.”


Final question, who is your favourite person to follow on twitter/instagram and why?

Alex: “Parkway Drive guys…yeah [laughs]”


Is there anything you want to add?

Alex: “Check us out on Facebook and Spotify – we’ll be putting our EP soon! Thank you!”



Stream an album below and let us know what you think!


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