ALBUM REVIEW: The Maine - American Candy

ALBUM REVIEW: The Maine – American Candy

ALBUM REVIEW: The Maine – American Candy

Well, this is definitely, a new chapter for The Maine with the release of their fifth album American Candy. With the album Pioneer under the belt, producer Colby Wedgeworth helped the finest Arizonian boys to produce what is one the sugariest records ever made.

It is raining and while listening to the masterpiece for the first time, the starting track ‘Miles Away’ strikes me straight away with nostalgic memories taking me back to California, where I was just a couple of weeks ago. This is a perfect song to start off the record to put you in the right direction. Pop-rock ballad ‘Same Suit, Different Tie’ is very catchy with no doubt, but it is definitely ‘My Hair’, which is way too funny and diffuses a rhythm a bit with hilarious opinionated lyrics from the frontman John O’Callaghan.
Our favourite ‘English Girls’ has been played a lot and is something to look forward when played live! Although, ’24 Floors’ is a bit different from the rest of the songs on the album, it has definitely left a meaningful thought and the overall appreciation of life.
Personally, few of the favourites ‘Diet Soda Society’ and ‘Am I Pretty’ are sweet-sounding starting off with pop-rock guitar-oriented tunes.
(Un)Lost is something people can relate to, however, the ‘American Candy’ itself is a great coming-to-an-end song with outstanding chorus and having a deep meaning behind it with the use of metaphors. Starting off with piano intro, the last song ‘Another Night on Mars’ is a perfect finishing song, leaving you to appreciate people around you.

Overall, American Candy is something very sugarly honest coming from the band itself and most importantly lets the fans relate closely to it, which bridges the mutual raletionship built long ago. It is still raining…Play all again!

Kseniya Zinchenko


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