LIVE REVIEW: Lower Than Atlantis + We Are The Ocean + PVRIS

LIVE REVIEW: Lower Than Atlantis + We Are The Ocean + PVRIS

LIVE REVIEW: Lower Than Atlantis + We Are The Ocean + PVRIS

So last week, I had the great pleasure of attending the Manchester leg of Lower than Atlantis’ current UK tour. They’re a band that have always remained on the periphery of my musical involvement – I’ve always enjoyed them when I’ve heard them, and have always wanted to see them play yet I’ve never gone out of my way to actively seek out tickets to their gigs or download their music. Until now. Every time I’ve turned on the radio recently their latest release has been on, and each and every time I’ve realised just how much this band are growing on me.

The gig got off to a cracking start with an absolutely faultless set from PVRIS – a band I’ve been hearing a lot about but never actually listened to. I can safely say they’re firmly on my radar now and with the promise of seeing them at Slam Dunk South and my new (kinda) girl crush on Lynn I think they’re going to be a big favourite for me for 2015. Their energy on stage was infectious and by the end of their set the crowd were seriously pumped – something I love to see for the opening band when so often they’re received with a more lukewarm welcome.

I wish that I could say the same for We Are The Ocean, I really do. I remember seeing them supporting You Me At Six way back in 2007 and they were fantastic, but for me something just really didn’t click on Tuesday night. It could simply have been a bad night for them, hell we all have them, but considering you could hear the crowd talking over the top of their set, and the fact that I would honestly have left there and then if Lower Than Atlantis had already played, I think it’s safe to say something was lacking. They did however massively pull it together for ‘Machine’ which – forgive me if I’m wrong – I heard played a few times on Radio 1 towards the end of 2014 and did very much enjoy.

The excitement was palpable for Lower Than Atlantis, and from the moment they walked on stage (to the Star Wars theme tune no less) to the moment I annoyingly had to leave early to get home for work, the crowd was engaged and loving every minute of it. Their energy on stage was absolutely insane, and it was clear they were enjoying themselves with the crowd eating it up and belting out the lyrics back to them. I was absolutely gutted that I couldn’t stay for the whole show, however I will definitely be buying a ticket next time they hit Manchester and planting myself firmly in the pit ready to enjoy every last second.


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