LIVE REVIEW: dirt @ Krazyhouse Liverpool

LIVE REVIEW: dirt @ Krazyhouse Liverpool

LIVE REVIEW: dirt @ Krazyhouse Liverpool

dirt are a 5 piece alt­rock band hailing from London, and boy do they mean business. I was stoked to see they were headlining a show at The Krazyhouse in Liverpool that my good friends in Diamond Days were playing, and was looking forward to checking out what they had to offer in terms of a live performance.

Now, if you’d told me after the show that they’d only been together for 5 months, I would have genuinely laughed in your face. Not in a malicious way, but simply in a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me these guys are freakin’ sick’ kinda way. Honestly what they’ve achieved in the 5 short months they’ve been together is nothing short of incredible, and with a new EP, 10k views on their debut single ‘Bonds’ and a headline tour under their belts already they’re set for some seriously big things.

From the word go, their set was full throttle, energetic alt rock perfection, with vocalist Alistair and bassist Abdul absolutely tearing up the stage. The sheer energy and passion behind their performance was reminiscent of a band with 10 times their experience, and they wouldn’t look out of place headlining some majorly big tours this year. I can honestly see them with festival slots and some incredible tours under their belts before too long.

If you’re going to do anything this May, make sure you pick up a copy of their EP ‘Mirrors’ and if you get the chance to check them out in person I would take it, you won’t be disappointed.

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