John O’Callaghan from The Maine was kind enough to answer some questions before their upcoming UK Tour supporting Mayday Parade! Check out what he had to say below and well, expect some words of wisdom in the end (as usual)! 

American Candy… What a record! What is the idea behind the title?

Hey, thank you! The manufactured and contrived forms of entertainment we are hand-fed in our culture is what American Candy means to me. It’s a pretty heavy title when you umbrella it over the album as a whole, which is why I wanted to make a title track that dealt with this concept more head on and let the rest of the record sort itself out accordingly.


Considering the UK Tour with Mayday Parade starts in a couple of weeks, is there a special story behind ‘English Girls’?

It’s funny, the story actually took place outside a nightclub in England the first time we toured with Mayday over there. Pretty straight forward story, not much more pomp and frill than what’s described in the song. I suppose the line the girl said just struck me and wiggled it’s way into song.


What message is the album (as a whole or particular songs) trying to convey?

Even though there is a title track, I think the message of the album lives in a tune called (Un)Lost. The song was inspired by Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky, and I think the message is simple…the journey is the point.


What is your favorite track off the album and why?

The opening track might be my favorite because it takes me back to my last vacation before recording the album. It briefly details a trip to San Francisco and helps me revisit seeing Tom Petty play for the first time. This has absolutely nothing and absolutely everything to do with the album, but he’s a fucking legend.


Talking about the recording/songwriting process, in your opinion, what factors play the most important role?

The songwriting process remained mostly in tact. Ideas usually sprout up in my brain and then we come together and collaborate to finish them off. The recording process varied much like it always has from record to record, in that we rented a house in Joshua Tree, CA in the middle of nowhere and breathed the album off the grid for about a month. The isolation factor played the most important role in my opinion because it created a focus like nothing we’d felt in the past.


What colour describes ‘American Candy’?

Phthalo Blue thanks to Bob Ross.


If you only had ONE word to describe/ sell your music to someone, what would it be?



One the most recent songs you have released is featuring Derek Sanders. What artists do you want to collaborate with in the future?

There are too many to even begin to name, but Gregg Alexander of the New Radicals is very high on the lengthy list.


Music For Boobies… The first track on the album! What does it mean for you to be part of this project?

That was a happy little transition seeing as the tune is a cover of New Radicals. To be a part of a compilation with other artists is great, but to be a part of compilation supporting a great cause is something really special. It really is cool to be asked to be a part of the MFB comp and hopefully we did the Radicals some justice!


Any surprises we should expect during UK Tour?

Seeing as this will be our first time visiting the region on our new album, folks can expect to hear quite a few tunes off of it. Other than that, surprises are no fun when spoiled, so come out and let’s get weird.


What are The Maine’s plans for 2016?

We have a pretty busy touring schedule per usual, the first part of it will be running around with Mayday which is great because we dig those guys a lot. Some more stuff I can’t divulge at this point because we’re ironing out the particulars, but we’re really just trying to play American Candy for those willing to listen!


Best piece of advice you have ever gotten? 

Never compromise, your integrity is all you have.

Thank you!!!



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