Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the band Redhill is led by Spencer Jones and Rob Gardner who met collaborating on the ‘Cinematic Pop’ project. Appearing on America’s Got Talent, they recieved a unanimous ‘yes’ from the judges. They have since sold out headline shows in the US, released their debut EP in May, and are set to record with the London Symphony Orchestra later this year! Check out what they had to say about their new music and UK tour! Lets us know what you think.

Hello, it would be great if you could tell us what you do in the band and more about the formation of a band.

RH: Thanks for having me! I always love talking, so I’m happy to do this! The origins date back to just after birth. The guitarist is my cousin. We used to call each other over the phone and write songs. We’ve been involved with each others’ projects along the way. We formed Redhill when I met Rob Gardner through Cinematic Pop. Together we revamped and co-wrote all of the songs on our first EP. We’ve had so much support through the start up; it just seems to keep getting better and better!

How did you come with the band name, any influences?

RH: Band names are always tricky. There are a couple of different routes you can take when picking a name. We wanted something that accurately represents the music. Obviously “Chemical Toilet” wouldn’t fit the band. We ended up naming it after my grandfather. It’s a long story but the name Redhill has a lot of meaning to my family and I wanted it to be something that I not only I could be proud of.

When can we expect new music/releases? What would make it different from the previous?

RH: We are releasing our second EP early in the spring. We’re still throwing some names around for the album. Some of the names include; “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 2: Revenge of the Salt Shaker” and “Fizz…Fizz…BOOM!”

In all seriousness, we are featuring more synth in this next EP. I’m excited cause I’ve always loved a well produced synth sound. It adds something otherworldly! Very 80’s without the cheesiness. It will still have the Redhill strings to keep it sounding full. It’ll just have a more modern sound to the songs. We also have a lot of catchy stuff I’m excited for you to hear it! I’ve loved writing what we have so far.

What should we expect from your upcoming UK Tour?

RH: We play in front of a lot of . You should expect some shopping carts and random yelling. My cousin Dean makes sure we have fun on stage, a lot of booty shaking and hip thrusts from him.

Who would you say is your biggest influence?

RH: I listened to a lot of Kings of Leon, the Killers and Coldplay growing up. I really love how, especially Coldplay, could make something so deep and meaningful but still fun to listen to. Some of these newer artists like James Bay and Paolo Nutini have the same factor in their music.

What does your music reflect about you?

RH: A lot of our songs come from personal experiences. Los Angeles was written about a painfully long break up with a girl from California. Summer, With You and The Way She Moves were all written with Dean back in High School. These songs have grown with us over the years. It’s funny how songs can mature.

Where are you happiest — on the stage or in the studio?

RH: That completely depends on the studio situation! We have recently found a team that we love working with. It makes creating in the studio fun! I love it. That being said, there is nothing like performing. I LOVE performing. So the answer is… I’m always happy!

What releases do you recommend for people to listen to that came out this year? Which are your favourite?

RH: We all really digging this song called “Revolution” by Van William featuring First Aid Kit! I’ve been telling everyone to listen to it. My mother, cousins…hell, even my deaf neighbour Steven, it’s that good! Also, Young the Giant’s newest album release “Home of the Strange” is awesome! Check out “Art Exhibit” and “Jungle Youth.” But only listen if you want your mind to be blown; otherwise you’re better off listening to whatever crap your neighbour Nigel is listening to.