Album Review: Lovely Little Lonely (by The Maine)

Album Review: Lovely Little Lonely (by The Maine)

Album Review: Lovely Little Lonely (by The Maine)

In short: Lovely Little Lonely is very reminiscent of the early 2000’s pop-punk scene, minus all the teenage angst; it’s a feel good album suitable for all ages.


Lovely Little Lonely… 

Arizona-based 5-piece alternative rock band, The Maine, have returned with their 6th studio album, Lovely Little Lonely, just to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. The journey was not easy and if you have been following these cowboys from the start, the new release definitely marks their maturity. Their previous 2015 release American Candy received mixed reviews. Some people thought it was great and others thought it lacked initiative and sounded like their previous albums. However the band took all the warm comments and criticisms into account and are back with a piece that is a representation of their growth. It should be noted that Lovely Little Lonely is their first album released completely independently through 8123.

John O’Callaghan, the frontman, has written all the songs on the album that are ideal for different moods and occasions. For when you are in the mood to roll the windows down in your car and sing obnoxiously, ‘Taxi’ and ‘Do you remember (The other half of 23)’ are the songs for this occasion. Or when you are in the mood to relax to a soothing slow jam, ‘Lost in Nostalgia’ and ‘I Only Want To Talk To You’ are worth a listen.

Some people may notice how tracks 3, 7 and 11, spell out the name of the album and it is very unlikely this is simply coincidental. This showcases the effort and thought that has been put into this album by the band. Since it is their first independently released album the pressure is on to create something amazing, and they have proved that with this album.

The fact that Love Little Lonely was released at the start of spring also reflects the sound that of being filled with positivity and uplifting attitude. The leading track of the album, ‘Bad Behaviour’, was released earlier in March as a single, and is definitely a song made for enjoying yourself in the sun. Not many bands can insert some positivity into every single song on their album, yet The Maine have managed to do just that.

Listen to Lovely Little Lonely below and let us know what you think:

Don’t forget that you can catch a band playing this year’s Slam Dunk Festival (27-29 May). Come and say hi to them, they are nice.


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