Australia being 24 hours ahead of the rest of the world, and so isolated from everywhere else it’s no surprise pop-punk band With Confidence wanted to break out into the world. The two founding members of With Confidence, drummer Josh Brozzesi and lead singer Jayden Seelely met in high school, they later met guitarist Luke Rockets and Inigo Del Carmen in college.

When questioned about whether pop-punk had always been the genre of music they wanted to make Josh and Jayden revealed that they would happily venture into other territories. “All the best bands in the world grow and progress. We’ll always keep what makes us With Confidence, but not limit ourselves.” Says drummer Josh wisely.

A lot of musicians talk about their parent’s scepticism when it comes to them pursuing music, however With Confidence were lucky enough to have parents who were onboard from the get go. “They were never against it.” Jayden speaks of how he fell into roofing because his dad encouraged him to do so “I feel like I’m a strong-willed individual and did what I wanted, and now I feel like we’re doing alright for ourselves.” Just coming off a tour in the US with fellow pop-punkers State Champs, and diving headfirst into a co-headliner with Set It Off and also playing Slam Dunk festival this year, it’s safe to say they are doing quite well for themselves.

The band are signed to the number one independent record label in the world; Hopeless Records. It can sometimes be quite difficult for unsigned bands and musicians to decide who to sign with but for With Confidence there was no uncertainty whatsoever. “A lot of our favourite bands put out records on that label.” Jayden nods his head in agreement at this statement from his band mate. “We knew it was what we wanted to do, even if the contract as dogshit we still would have signed”. The fact that Hopeless Records is an American label also helped sway this band from Sydney Australia to sign with them. After having toured Australia numerous times, they were ready to spread their wings and see what the rest of the world had to offer. “I would argue that Australia is one of the hardest music scenes to break out of internationally.” Says Jayden “Also very expensive.” Adds Josh. Hopeless Records weren’t the only label who wanted a piece of what With Confidence were serving, Josh and Jayden recount some of the other labels who approached them, but just weren’t right for them. They even got approached by some major labels. “We got approached by a major label after they saw us play a show in a pub, that was just a mess. It wasn’t to our normal crowd, no one even knew who we were, we were just messing around and getting drunk and telling dirty jokes. We played a bunch of songs that we’ve never even released.” Josh retells the story of this wild one-off show and Jayden laughs while reminiscing. “They must have been so confused.”

It takes a lot more people to make a band successful than most people realise. One of the people who helped With Confidence get where they are today is their first ever producer Stevie Knight. “He was the first person we worked with on our first two EP’s and now our album and he was someone who sort of like guided us early on and really helped us produce something that sounded a bit better than a local band.” Another honourable mention that they make is to their manager Shastri Hanes. “He’s been managing us since our third show, at that point he was only booking local shows, but then he started bringing out bigger bands like Neck Deep, Real Friends and State Champs and because he was working with us we got to support those bands, he’s helped us so much. We were doing a lot of things on our own but he was the go to manager when we couldn’t do something ourselves.” They couldn’t possibly name all the people who have helped them this far in the short time that we had but they made sure to shout out all the bands they’ve toured with who took a chance on them.

Now that they are starting to make it in the pop-punk scene and have some success with their music what do they have to show for it? When asked what they spend their earnings on, Josh and Jayden laugh and respond, “What earnings?” Just because you’re touring the world and in a semi-successful band it certainly does not mean they are rolling in it. “I wouldn’t say we’re at the point where we are making a lot of money, we’re definitely making enough to get by. We’re at the point where we don’t have to pay for our flights or accommodation or travel. I’d say we spend most of our money on supporting this band and keeping this story going.” Jayden says rather wistfully while taking a swig of his beer. Josh also adds that money was never a motivation for With Confidence, they are in it because they love what they do and they love the opportunities they have because of it. “We get to travel and see the world. How many people can say they get to travel nine months out the year and get to hang out with friends and play shows?” This band seem incredibly sincere and grateful for all that they have. They don’t carry around that angst that a lot of smaller bands usually do because they aren’t where they think they should be. With Confidence are just grateful for the opportunity.

No band wants to fizzle out after a few albums, and With Confidence are no different. They are in this for the long haul. “Longevity is very important to us. We have the drive and motivation to keep this going. In five years, we hope to be a few albums in and playing bigger rooms and hopefully feeling confident enough that we can keep going and support ourselves doing what we love.”

We spoke to their publicist Sarah Maynard and she revealed the reason she believes they are so successful and will continue to be is because “they’re fantastic songwriters with engaging personalities and they are also very good on the internet as well, which is very useful in this day and age”. Collectively the band have 94,000 followers on twitter and 78,000 likes on Facebook which is more than helpful when it comes to reaching out to fans and connecting with them. She also described their sound as a mixture of “pop-perfection and punk”, and she said that “they have a really in-your-face vibe when they play live, which makes people take notice.” With all these positive traits about them, the future looks very bright.

With Confidence have a very good relationship with their fans, thanks to social media it’s easier than it’s ever been to get people’s attention now. To get people to listen to their message as a band however, Jayden thinks that through their music is probably the best way, A three-minute song should have more of an impact than a hundred and forty character tweet. “Put most simply I would say writing good music, and writing music that people connect with and not writing about something superficial.” Josh talks about other ways some bands might get the attention of audiences whether it’s putting a lot of money behind a project or making the band members very good-looking; but will doing these things really get the audience’s attention and keep it? “Those things won’t get you a lasting impact or a good relationship with your fans and you’re not going to be here in two or three years.” He says.

This band really do seem to love what they do immensely, they haven’t had a bad word to say about the gruelling hours and the toll it takes on your health or the sleep deprivation that most bands complain about. When asked what the best part of their job was Josh and Jayden were lost for words because there were so many aspect to choose from. “I love touring, touring is amazing.” Josh says finally. “The touring aspect as a whole, the crazy live shows, seeing the world, band comradery. We literally have friends all over the world.”

“Then again I love writing and recording.” Jayden adds. It just seems that they really do love their job, it’s very refreshing to see a band so positive about what they do.

Finally, we wanted to know what the remainder of 2017 hold for With Confidence. “A lot actually. More tours planned and at the end of the year we will be back in the studio to hopefully produce something that out does Better Weather.

Essential Information:

With Confidence’s debut album is currently out now called Better Weather, on Hopeless Records.

— Written By Jade Bompela