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Let's make music carbon-neutral.

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Our vision

We employ technology to facilitate music's transition to a low carbon economy

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Projects we are proud of



Techstars '21

good4ears has won Techstars Amsterdam Startup Weekend 2021. In a team of 5, we have developed a prototype in only 36 hours!

Guidance from mentors helped us expand our idea further and be steps closer in developing an MVP.



good4ears was selected to present at the 2022 edition of Primavera Pro. The conference took place in Barcelona during Primavera Sound's 2 week festival. 

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LSE Generate funding competition '20

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good4ears has reached the final stage of the London School of Economics' Enterpreneurship funding competition. We pitched an idea in front of investors (including Facebook). 

Our mission

Become a go-to marketplace for the music industry for carbon offsetting

Strengthen strategic partnerships

Reinforce the music industry's CSR and culture

Become 'your' long-term partner

Optimise technical methods for calculating sustainability score

Make music’s supply chain future-proof




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