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INTERVIEW: The Color Morale

The Color Morale have premiered their recent release Hold On Pain Ends over here in London, UK by supporting The Word Alive on #getRealTour. And they did an amazing job! The indescribable energy between the band and fans has definitely left something to think about after the concert, especially how important it is to have the bands like these in today’s music scene. Every song portrays a unique message to every single fan and the album itself is great guide to help to get through difficulties people face in todays society.

I  caught up with the frontman Garret Rapp to ask some questions about UK Tour, Hold On Pain Ends, celebrity crushes and more!

Hi! How is UK Tour going so far?

Garret: It’s been a blast! Everyday we are hanging out with our best friends – the bands we toured with numerous times. So, just having a fun time!

How is it different from UK Vans Warped Tour and the recent US Vans Warped Tour?

Garret: Oh man! Warped Tour over here was a blast! I mean, we had quite a few friends from the States on Warped Tour over here. Just meeting so many new fans, so many different kinds of cultures, you know, all combined in one festival! It was a really cool experience for somebody like us – that was only our third time being out of the country. So, yeah, very cool experience!

What makes you coming back? Are there any particular expectations coming to tour the UK?

Garret: I always set my expectations in anything in the music industry very low. So, I never get disappointed. Entertainment industry is kind of come-and-go routine. So, I try to set them low so never let down…

What was a defining moment that made you to pursue a career in music?

Garret: Uumm, Jeez! Honestly, it kind of accidently happened. I never really had aspiring dreams of being a Rock Star, or a musician. Somewhere along a line, I guess, I got toast in the band on accident. ‘Cause I used to book shows on the skate park…Buddy of mine kind of asked me if I wanna join the bands and help them get shows, you know? And yeah, that’s where we are 15/12 years later! [laughs]

What colour would you say describes your band?

Garret: Hhmm, a gradient between black and white. [laughs]

In what aspects does HOLD ON PAIN ENDS differ from KNOW HOPE?

Garret: Hold On Pain Ends has a little bit bigger of a sound. A lot more focused structure-wise. Know Hope was very sporadic, while Hold On Pain Ends is a very organised record!

What is your favorite track off HOLD ON PAIN ENDS and why?

Garret: I think, mine is ‘Developing Negative’, just ‘cause I specifically wrote a part for Craig Owens. Umm, and that was just artistically, I think, my favorite song that I wrote on the record and what it deals with. The foundation of a song is about addiction; understanding that sometimes in your life you can overcome the addiction, so you have to replace it with another…One can kill you, another can further you. So, it is ultimately up to you, which one you do/decide.

How was it working with Craig and Dave on a record?

Garret: Craig and Dave! Yeah, they are both great! You know, personal friends and two artists that I respect greatly. They are the best in what they do – it’s cool to have them involved in our art!

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

Garret: For me – we toured on Know Hope and I spent the entire album cycle doing merch for a band, just making myself accessible. It was kind of a goal I set for myself, and doing it just to see what exactly kids were going through and what they needed me to write. That’s kind of why we are doing this band and what we are doing in the band! So, if I weren’t here I’ll be a guidance counsellor – that’s the next in line for me. I kind of try to take my personal experiences, what kids are going through and use music as a platform to help the kids out.

Where are you the happiest- on stage or in the studio?

Garret: Aaahhh man! Probably at the merch table! Yeah, you have days on stage like – I have very bad ADD, so I get destructed my things easily. [laughs] The studio, you know, sometimes, as you are creative artists, you wanna kill each other! Next day you are creating something and it’s great! Some days on stage – it is the same thing. But when I go to merch, or I’m THERE kind of reminded daily as to why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Looking back at your career, what would you have done differently?

Garret: Hhmm, I would have never written a Breakdown! [laughs] LOL. I am not sure. I would have let things unfold exactly as how they should have. I think that’s where we are now.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Garret: Maaan, hopefully not playing breakdowns. LOL [laughs]. I don’t know, man! Hopefully, just doing something I’m passionate towards and not living the American nightmare – doing something just to pay for things I don’t need and to be in the places I don’t need to be.

What would you change about the music industry? 

Garret: Oh Goshhhh, we gonna need like two more hours for that question! [laughs] I don’t know, there is fine line between music and entertainment in what we do. And I think that nowadays, the line is crossed too much in the entertainment side of things – what you can have kids buy in to and what cost you are selling it for. Yeah, I don’t know, I think there are a lot of integrities that have been taken away from music in general, especially this genre and this music scene. And I don’t know, it is kind of a multiple angle question, I guess. I wish more bands were just, whether they are saying something positive or negative, I wish they were saying it from their heart. Those are kind of bands that I connect with on artistic level and on a personal level too. No matter what their believes are, their backgrounds are. You can tell, a band that’s saying what they mean and a band saying what needs to be said to sell records!

What do you think about online music sharing?

Garret: I don’t know – I go back and forth with it! On one hand, it is a great way for your band to be heard by a broader audience. But at the same time, people aren’t buying your records and you are not making money as a band. So, I guess, if you are going to download music and you like music – go buy music!

What are the biggest obstacles for bands?

Garret: I think just standing out in overly saturated crowd. There are so many bands trying to do the same thing! To be heard and stand out, you know, to be unique in such a crowded place is a very difficult obstacle!

Celebrity crush?

Garret: Eliza Dushku! Or Mariska Hargitay, yeah probably her. She was in Law & Order. Olivia Benson…yeah, it is a TV show – that’s my celebrity crush! She is as cool as it gets! [laughs]

Snog/Mary/Avoid (F*ck/Marry/Kill) – Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj

Garret: [laughs]. I don’t wanna kill anybody, I don’t wanna marry any of them and definitely don’t wanna ….!!! I’m just gonna walk away from them. Yeah, I don’t wanna kill any of them and I don’t want to just go out banging…I would probably go for Beyonce… if any of them for all! [laughs]

One Direction or Justin Bieber

Garret: Uuhh, I mean …One Direction! Oh no, Justin Bieber…I DON’T KNOW, man! Okay, One Direction.

Favorite junk food?

Garret: French Fries, oh wait ‘chips’! [laughs]

Who is the funniest in the band?

Garret: My accountant [laughs]

What’s the most ‘rock star’ thing that you’ve ever done?

Garret: ROCK STAR THING I’ve ever done? Aaahhh, man, I think one time I wore boots on stage…I don’t know [laughs]

If you had to give up music – what would you do to be creative?

Garret: Ahhh, I would probably just start writing novels, books, creative short stories. Yeah, I would write things…


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