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INTERVIEW: Blood Youth

How did the band come about?

Chris: The band formed from a previous band. Everyone had different musical interests and ambitions, so we decided to start from the scratch! We found this guy on the street in a sleeping bag [points at Kaya]!

Kaya: I was living in Spain last year and I got a Skype from Chris asking if I want to start a band. I didn’t want to work in the office anymore… and it is what it is now! 8 months later!

What was a defining moment that made u to pursue a career in music??

Kaya: Just growing up. I think it is my parents’ fault - my dad playing me Metallica when I was little and watching them on screen. It is all brainwashed into you – And then you realise that it is what you want to do!

Chris: I think just seeing bands live… I used to go to gigs as a serious hobby and wanting to be on the other side!!

[A BIT OF BROMANCE – Dead Hart’s Ant kissing Chris and Kaya]

Kaya: I just used to watch Red Hot Chilli peppers and wanting to be in that band! I was in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tribute band when I was 13 years old and we …. sucked! It was sooo bad!

What colour describes your music?

Both: All black!

Chris: But I think we’ve got a bright side of it. A merge between yellow and black;

Kaya: I would say red, because it is known to be a sign of good luck!

What colour describes each band member?

Kaya: Our drummer is green because he is a GRUB.

Chris: Max is light brown. Sam – red cause he is angry, he sees red over anything. [both laugh]

Kaya: I am blue and red.

Chris: I like you doing mix!!! For myself, I want to say black, because all I listen to is metal [laughs]

Kaya: Yeah, I will say black for you, because that is true!

If you had to allocate each band member as a family member,

Kaya: That’s a good one!

Chris: We don’t know each other’s family members that well, because we are all from different parts of the UK. Me, Kaya and the Grub are from Leeds area –Harrogate; and Max and Sam are from Lincolnshire.

Kaya: To be fair, each of our family members will be able to take over us…

Chris: we might have to skip this one [laughs].

Celebrity crush?

Chris: You know that woman from ‘The Beach’? She is French; I had a big celebrity crush on her once! Overall, throughout the years I have LOVED Leonardo DiCaprio – man crush! Let’s be comfortable here!

Kaya: The girl from ‘DRIVE’ at the moment, Carey Mulligan – that’s her name! I am sure it will change in the couple of days.

Snog/Mary/Avoid - Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj

Kaya: Do you want me to take this one? [laughs] You’ve got a girlfriend!

Chris: I can take it! It is not real, is it? [laughs] They are all amazing.

Kaya: No, they are not! Beyonce is so fit! I would marry Beyonce, and probably avoid Nicki Minaj, because I don’t think I can handle that and I would kiss Rihanna.

Chris: yeah, that’s probably the same for me

One Direction or Justin Bieber

Kaya: Justin Bieber 100%!!! We were listening to his new song ‘Sorry’ just before we went on stage! We are all BELIEBERS in this world!

Who is the most home sick?

Kaya: I don’t think any of us are. We love being on Tour so much!

Favorite Junk Food?

Kaya: I am vegan, so I guess vegan pizza? Vegan burgers?

Chris: I would say pizza.

If you had to give up music, what would you do instead?

Kaya: Honestly, I don’t know. I have never thought about it. I will probably open up a bar.

Chris: I wanted to be a riot policeman, because I wanted to piss people off. Yeah, we had a back up plan couple of years ago- it’s like hairdresser’s [both laugh].

(Couldn’t hear the name as Beartooth finished the show)

Kaya: A back up? Like it was a concrete thing? [both laugh]

GIGS or Festivals?

Chris: I prefer festivals as I went to so many times og them, but a lot of people like gigs because they are more intimate.

Kaya: Same thing, same thing..

Where are you happiest — on the stage or in the studio?

Both: on stage! It is always stressful in the studio.

How is new EP different from ‘Inside My Head’?

Chris: If you were to listen to it, you could hear us progressing in different direction. One song has a more acoustic vibe, another one is more heavy. I think it is a great way to set us off for an album release. We have so much to play with in the future.

We’ve got mixes back the other week, and we have been listening to it non-stop on the road!

What is your favorite track off the ‘Inside My Head’ EP and why?

Chris: For me they all merge into one, but I would say ‘Piece By Piece’. It is kind of hip-hoppy and heavy at the same time!

What releases do you recommend for people to listen to that came out this year?

Chris: Dead Harts as they bombarded this interview and kissed me on the lips! UK scene is killing it right now! Also look out for Straight From The Past’s new album!

Thanks a lot!


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