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We have got an EP coming out in three weeks, which is called the ‘Black EP’. We made it with our mate Tom. It sound a bit more like us live, a bit grittier and definitely less pop-punk, which is what we are very enthusiastic about. We don’t want be a pop-punk band.

How does it feel touring with Blackhole:

I think the thing that brings us together with Blackhole is that we might sound different, and we come from the same place – we are both independent bands. This tour was booked without any management and without any booking agents. We are mates! If you always want to tour with your friends – I wouldn’t want to go and see three bands who sound like Brawlers and I also wouldn’t want to go and see three bands who sound like Blackhole – you want to get your money worth! You want to see the variety!

How did the band form?

We have been friends for a long time and we just wanted to play in the band together – we wanted to have an excuse to hang out more! I think we also wanted to play in the band that was fun and positive. Previously, we were playing in bands that weren’t that much positive.

We wanted to do something new with Brawlers and create positive sounds. We are not too interested in being too punk, rock or pop, we just wanted to be positive. In short - to have a positive experience to watch us live!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

People, who do things on their own terms, people who are not afraid to be pigeonhole, whether that is Ryan Adams or Frank Carter, or even Kendrick Lamar. It is the people who want to do things, but differently, and want to create their own sound. I think that we have definitely created our own sound, where you don’t know whether it is punk, rock or pop, but it is very honest and fun!

What is the usual song writing process like?

I usually write everything in my room and then we take it to the practice room and it changes, everyone brings their piece.

I write the songs and then we make them good!

Are there any tours coming up?

We are finishing this one and then we have got festivals to play this summer, such as 2000trees, Calling. It is going to be a busy summer. And then we are going back to the studio! We will tour again probably September/October.

Do you prefer festivals or gigs?

I like to get sweaty! I like little shows and try to win people over – I like that challenge! I would rather play in a little room with 200 people.

Would you want to collaborate with someone in the future?

We have always been against that kind of thing. There are a lot of bands and artists that we like but we have never been too bothered whether we want to collaborate with any of them or not.

I think it will be cool to have someone produce the record. I have always wanted Ryan Adams to produce it!

Listen to Brawlers! It is becoming more obvious to me that it is completely another experience seeing our band live. If you are going to pay £6 on Spotify or gig ticket – always a gig ticket!


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