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INTERVIEW: Chelsea Grin

How is the tour going so far?

Alex: Really good! There has not been a bad show so far. That’s always a plus and it has been a lot better crowd wise than the last one.

Interviewer: Congrats on Self Inflicted! My favourite is ‘Love Song’.

Alex: That’s one of my favourites too!

What is the song writing process like for Chelsea Grin?

Alex: My personal writing process is usually to hear the song first and then vibe with emotion that song gives me and then write the lyrics from there. I used to write a bunch of lyrics from the notebook, but now I do it with the songs – it brings out that emotion better. I write exactly what I feel when I hear the music. Pablo and Stephen are writing a lot and kind of switching a lot from one sound to another

Should we expect new music any time soon?

Alex: Self Inflicted is pretty new, but we want to start writing as soon as possible. Tour very strong with this record this year and in the end of the year, we would want to start working on some new stuff.

How is UK crowd different to EU crowd?

Alex: The major difference for me is that is a lot easier for people to understand me, and with the language barrier in Europe they just look at me like ‘What the hell is this guy doing?’ [laughs]. At least in UK they can somewhat understand me.

Were there any crazy moments on this tour?

Alex: So far. Everything has been pretty crazy. Last couple of days, the mosh pit in particular has been absolutely violent, in a good way. No one has been hurt so far, I think! I haven’t seen any ambulances [laughs]

Metal core music Scene is not as huge as we would want it to be nowadays. What is the best way to get the music out there to make more kids come to the shows?

Alex: I guess this is the hard bit. I try to write something that not only I love, but fans with love as well and fingers crossed it works in that circle. Scene in the UK and States is similar, but Europe is a bit different. The whole vibe just feels a bit different. In Europe, people will just be standing there and you think that these guys didn’t like our set at all, but afterwards they well be like: ‘That was amazing’. They are more of the reserved-watcher type. They just want to watch a concert without loosing their mind!

Best moment in 2016 for Chelsea Grin?

Alex: We did warped tour – a lot of bands, and we are friends with most of them. I was nice just hanging out with everybody.

What does 2017 look for you guys?

Alex: Tour our arses of with this record and work on new stuff by the end of the year!


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