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INTERVIEW: Mayday Parade

So how has Europe been treating you so far?

Jeremy: Europe has been really good so far. We’re here with a lot of great bands: Beautiful Bodies and obviously The Maine, which are some of our really good friends from back home. So it has been a lot of fun and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. One of the fun parts was our vehicle has broken down twice, but that got worked out. Everything else has been great though.

Do you have a favorite part of Europe?

Jeremy: I don’t know, because a lot of your countries are quite close to each other, whereas in the United States our states are like what your countries are. Even though it’s in the UK, you can travel somewhere and there would be a totally different vibe there than it was over here in London. Everyplace has it’s own thing, which I think is really cool, we’ve always enjoyed out time in London for sure.

Is there a favorite place to go after the shows?

Jeremy: We’ve always gone to a bar somewhere near here with a Devil’s place. I’ve never played this venue before so I’m not really sure how far it is form here.

Charlotte: This venue is quite far from central London!

Jeremy: I guess we’re gonna do nothing tonight [chuckles].

Has there been anything exciting that happened?

Jeremy: We started playing a game called Werewolf. Let me explain the game to you. So everybody has an assigned role and somebody dies each night and you figure out who. You act out your roles, kinda like Mafia, except with Werewolf. That’s all the trouble we get, we just drink a lot and play games.

Are there crazy fans?

There are some crazy fans but I mean that’s all part of the gig.

What’s the drunkest memory you had on this tour?

Jeremy: Last night was pretty fun in Nottingham; there was a dance club where we were just hanging out. Our photographer was taking pictures of us, but everyone at the club thought that he was working for the club. So all these random people just want their pictures taken by him, which went on for hours.

Where do you get your inspiration for the album artwork? (Where did the umbrella guy go?)

We wanted to do something different. We normally have the faceless guy but he wasn’t there either. We wanted to do something that people weren’t expecting because the album is a little bit different from out other albums. So we want our album cover to look different from our other albums. We want people to look at our cover and go this wasn’t what we were expecting because its not the usual Mayday Parade thing and associate the drastic album change with the different sounds. We’re trying to slowly evolve our sound to what I don’t know but we’re trying to do something different, as we get older.

So what’s the main inspiration for writing songs?

I don’t know - just things that happen, really. For the music part, if you are a musician, you would normally play music so that comes naturally. It’s also the things you see or things that happen to you or people around you, and turn it into a song. So that’s how we came up with ideas. For musical inspirations, we grew up listening to Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, those were bands we looked up to when we were younger and that’s what we started doing when we started writing songs like they would or at least how we envisioned they would. And as we’ve gotten older, we started liking different types of music and our sounds slowly changed.

What’s the number one song on your playlist?

Jeremy: I like December by 1963 by Frankie Valli. It’s really old you have to get back and listen to it! But it’s good.

You guys have been together for more than 10 years, is there a secret for sticking together?

Jeremy: I think the best way to keep a band together is that you have to be friends with the people. Some people look at bands as a job or the people you’re playing with are just other employees of a company. You really have to look at it as if the people are your best friends, sisters or brothers and if you keep thinking these guys are your friends, there won’t be any problems. But once you start looking at it as just a job and these people don’t matter, it’s where you get in trouble and bands break up.

Who would you go gay for? Or anyone you’re crushing on?

Jeremy: If I had to go gay for someone, then I guess Ryan Gosling.

There are so many romantic songs on the albums, who is the biggest Romeo in the band?

Jeremy: I think Jake might be our biggest Romeo.

If you could swap lives with someone in the band for a day, who would it be?

Jeremy: I would swap lives with Derek, because of his home life. He has two little girls and I don’t have any children, it’ll be fun to play with the girls for a day.

Do you get homesick a lot?

Jeremy: Yea we do, but we enjoy doing this. You have to enjoy your work. If you have to be out a least 7 months of the year, you have to at least enjoy it. We do get homesick, but we also enjoy doing what we do.

You guys started out in 2005 in Warped Tour, and now you’re headlining shows. If you could go back, what would you tell your younger self?

Jeremy: I would tell myself ‘hey, its gonna happen’! It’s hard work you’re putting into it, it’s all going to make sense in the future and don’t get discouraged.

Fuck, Marry Kill (Harry Styles, Gerald Way, Kim K) (1D, Justin Bieber, 5SOS)

Marry Harry Styles

Kill Gerald Way. I like their music but f I would sleep with anyone it probably won’t be him.

Fuck Kim K

Marry 5sos (they like our music as a gratitude, and we have similar styles)

Fuck 1D (there are more members in the band)

Kill Justin Bieber because he’s probably never heard of us

What’s the biggest misconception about Mayday Parade?

Jeremy: The biggest misconception is that sometimes people think we got new members as we used to be a 6 piece and now a 5-piece band. We’ve always had the same members but we just had a guy leave and that’s it.

What’s the biggest piece of advice that you would give someone?

Jeremy: A lot our fans tend to go through a hard time, just like everyone does. They’ve always looked up at us for advice and I want to let them know that whatever you’re going through now, no matter how difficult it is, things will get better with time. So don’t do anything rash. It might seem now that it’s the worst thing that is happening to you, but things will get better in time.

Jeremy: Hope you guys enjoy the show! (Which we did) ^^


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