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Any funny moments that happened on the tour so far?

Alex Adam: Last night something happened that we are allowed to say.

Alex Costello: We are not allowed to say anything.

Adam: Charlie stole a parrot from a nightclub, not like a real parrot, but ceramic – that’s illegal! Just before we came to this tour, we went to Europe and Charlie, when he gets drunk, tries to pee on things and I caught him climbing onto my bed and he tried to piss on my face!

Adam: There’s been stuff but it is just hard to think on the spot!

Costello: We should just write them down when they happen!

How is it touring with Sum 41?

Adam: We have been hanging out with them a lot.

Costello: They are super nice guys. They rented out a section of a club yesterday and we went out with them there, hang out and had drinks.

Adam: They are super nice guys and one of our favourite bands, so it is awesome to hang out with them every night and watch them play every night!

What was the funniest moment when filming your videos from Blackbone?

Adam:Deadweight’ was filmed in the UK – that was a lot of fun until we went into the pond and then it became very cold very quickly.

Costello: I think the funniest moment in ‘Hopeless Case’ was the actual poker scene. Throughout the whole time when we were shooting, we were just improvising, acting. Wee were just playing our characters and shouting at each other.

Adam: The costumes were great

Costello: What wasn’t good about that was that it was freezing in Vegas in November. It was also awkward when we were walking down the streets and shouting in front of these people, who cannot hear us anyway (trying to match the audio).

Costello: It was absolutely freezing and we just walked back to our hotel, which was too far away.

Adam: Basically, we get cold when we shoot music videos!

What do you usually do after shows?

Adam: We usually try and get a cup of tea and a cosy bed!

Costello: We like to chill a lot.

Adam: Get in bed as early as possible and go to sleep! We are not very rock’n’roll honestly!

Costello: Matt, Charlie and Sam would love to go out and they do if they can. But usually, him and me will just go sleep.

Who would you go gay for?

Costello: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Brad Pitt.

Adam: Wait I have some more, but I can’t remember them. Hhmm John Mayer, I know he is not attractive [C: HE IS NOT HOT THOUGH!], but I would like to live with him just because he is great, isn’t he? He would sing me songs!

Costello: Zack Efron is buff! But I don’t think I would go gay for Justin Bieber – I don’t think he is all that!

Adam: Oh Brandon Urie I would go gay for!

Costello: NO!

If you had to swap lives with someone in the band for one day, who would it be and why?

Costello: Sam! Because he is chilled – he is clean, he never argues, never makes a fuss about anything, he chills a lot, he is quiet. He also has everything sorted – he has films on his iPad, always has music ready to play.

Adam: He is just cosy and clean, and that the only thing that matters to be honest!

Adam: Matt is not really that clean, he smells quite often. Charlie – the same.

Costello: I smell great! But I sleep a lot.

Adam: Sam is cosy, he wakes up on time, and he washes, quite attractive…

Costello: I would kiss him; actually I would kiss him tonight!

Adam: yeah, me too!

Snog marry avoid: One Direction, Gerard Way and Justin Bieber

Adam: You know we are not gay, right?

Costello: two gay questions, its fine! OK, marry JB because of money and divorce him quite soon cause I am not sure if he is that nice. I will take some of that money, so after the marriage I’ll be sorted.

Costello: Avoid Gerard Way.

Adam: With that money I will go to the club and meet 1D and I am going to snog them.

Costello: they are not even that good looking! I don’t know what the whole thing is! Zayn was hot, right, and good looking, and then he left. What else have they got now?

Adam: Harry is pretty hot!

Costello: NO HE IS NOT!

Adam: I will get with him anyway! And then avoid Gerard Way.


Adam: I think they are sick!

Costello: I really like them!

Adam: I think they are doing a lot for the pop-punk scene.

What is the biggest misconception about ROAM?

Costello: That we are punk!

Adam: I don’t know if people think that we are punk, so I am not sure if that is the biggest misconception.

Costello: we are just chilled.

Adam: I don’t know if there are any misconceptions really, maybe if they think we are normal, because we are weird!

Costello: I think they already know that we are weird.

Spirit animal?

Adam: I quite like penguins!

Costello: I like dugongs! They are just chilled.

Adam: We love chilling…

Costello: And I love cats, they are just – go and walk yourself and I will see you later.

Adam: I would have a dog that would walk itself like a cat!

Costello: I would have a husky and live in the mountains but only on those cases! I would just like to chill in the snow!


C: it is sick!

A: it is really good!


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