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INTERVIEW: The Rocketboys

A lot of the themes on this EP are about dreaming big, and working hard. It's easy to develop an entitled attitude when you work at something for a long time, but I don't want to assume that I deserve anything special. Do you know what I'm saying? I just want to keep on dreaming big dreams, and keep on working hard.

What is your favorite track off the new release and why?

That's a tough one. I think they're all great for different reasons. I'd have to pick Future Lives though. It's just so different than the others. A little less straightforward maybe.

Can you talk more about the songwriting and recording process? How was it working with Joe Chiccarelli and Emily Lazar?

Joe was awesome to work with! We spent a few days with him doing some pre production, and he really helped bring out some great parts. Once we got into the studio, he made us work hard, and I think it shows. He was really great to work with, and he cares about every last note. It was definitely inspiring getting to work with such a legendary man.

Who would you say is your biggest influence?

Personally we all have very wide musical tastes; anything from late 90's emo bands, to hip hop to old school country music. As a band, we're all pretty inspired by big, epic rock bands like Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, etc. Any band that is striving to do something original is always inspiring.

What aspect of being a musician / your career excites you the most?

It's all exciting. I love writing, recording, touring; I love it all!

What colour describes your music?

I'm blue da ba dee da ba dah

Where are you happiest — on the stage or in the studio?

There's a unique excitement with both for sure. When I'm on stage, I feel very alive. And there's nothing like hearing people sing words and melodies that at one point were just random ideas in your head.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sitting on a couch, looking back at the past ten years, and all the music I was lucky enough to make and all the people I was lucky enough to meet. And then picking up a guitar to start working on another record that will be the best one yet.

What releases do you recommend for people to listen to that came out recently? Which ones are your favourite?

Being from Austin, TX we have the pleasure of surrounding ourselves with tons of great/inspiring musicians. Two that I'm always grateful for are the band Quiet Company, and a guy named David Ramirez. Both of which are incredibly talented and always inspire me to keep at it, and to try and do something that matters.

What would you change about the music industry?

The music industry, just like any industry, will always be unfair for someone. I think instead of worrying changing it, we as artists should strive to write music that changes the consumer. Makes them better people, gives them something to be inspired by. Maybe that's a little trite and idealistic, but I think it's all changing, and nobody knows what to do, so I'll just keep writing.

Final question, who is your favourite person to follow on twitter/instagram and why?

Somehow I recently stumbled onto The Rock's Instagram (you know, Dwayne Johnson), it was so inspiring. Haha

Is there anything you want to add?

Welcome to the family everyone.


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