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INTERVIEW: Void of Vision

Jack: So different to Australia, but so different at the same time! The crowd is different from the Australian crowds, people there just come for headliners, and no one gives a sh*t about supporting acts. The receptions have been very cool and everyone has been very nice!

This is our last UK show; we are going back to France tomorrow. The venues size are similar to the Australian one, it feels like we belong here.

What was behind the Children of Chrome Songwriting process?

Jack: I wrote the first half of the album. It was definitely a challenge writing an album for the first time, because we have only done small releases. We are still learning about that sort of stuff. It has been cool playing all different types of songs on tours and mixing up the songs. We play heavier songs on this tour, as it is heavy tour [with Chelsea Grin].

What is the meaning behind the name of the album and album itself?

Jack: A lot more political, I have never touched upon the topics like that before. It is a lot of ignorant world that we live in; I came to understand that a lot more in the last two years as a person. The album is a reflection of that. It is my little twist on things that have been happening around the world – trying to spread a bit of awareness in a way.

This scene is not as mainstream as we would want it to be. What do you think is a best way to attract more kids to the shows and expand it?

Jack: In Australia there seems a generation gap where all of these kids are not 18+ and they are killing it. But the gap is that the younger kids have stopped coming to shows. This is scene is in a tricky spot in Australia in a moment, but over here there are a lot of young kids. There is a scene eon community – it is a best way to get the kids to come to the show. They feel safe and they come here to meet your people.

What has been your best moment in 2016?

Jack: Releasing an album,

Mitch: Unify festival – the crowd was massive. We only played to 200 max before and this was enormous! It turned out to be one of the best days we had on stage so far!

What does 2017 look like for you?

Jack: Few more tours and then we get home and try to write a little bit more. Write follow up. We are going to take our time to write a new music, push ourselves for the next release – do something we are all very proud of. Something you can solidify with!


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