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INTERVIEW: With Confidence


So, to begin with, congratulations! How does it feel like to be signed to the same record label as your idols - Hopeless?

Luke: Super stoked. It’s a very surreal thing to realize that a lot of bands that we grew up listening to are our label mates now. it’s a great router of people.

Any collaboration coming your way?

Luke: we did the ‘Voldamore’ track with John from Trophy Eyes. We’re all huge fans of trophy eyes. They’re from Australia as well. We’re one of the 2 bands that got singed with Hopeless from Aussie. In regards Future stuff. There has been talk about Potential stuff with sb from our label. Nothing confirmed yet!

Dream Band to collaborate with in general?

Inigo: I really love Safe to Say. I’ve been digging their stuff ever since Warped. It will be different and unique to do something with them.

Luke: We’re excited to bring them on tour with us since they’re from Canada.

Luke: For me. I can’t go pass not doing something Mark Hoppus. I look up to him as a song writer and musician!

Maybe opening for them in London?

Luke: Can we say off record, but we have definitely talked about doing something like that but not in the near future!

I was at the warped tour Vegas!

Inigo: Oh Noooo! We were terrible that day, we were terrible let me formally apologize!

Luke: Vegas was great but we definitely over indulged - maybe it was our first nights in hotels as well so we got to relax, no real lines. Everyone was drunk but it was fun.

Luke: I remember waking up sitting by the hotel pool with a drink listening to Knuckle Puck that day…

What’s the difference between UK and US crowds?

Luke: Scotland - they’re intense. UK and US on parallel.

Inigo: Last time we played with As It Is in London, the crowd was crazy - loads of crowd surf and sing-alongs! UK has been very good to us vibewise, but it’s different compared to playing festivals.

What should we expect tonight?

Inigo: loads of PARTYing... that’s out set. I don’t know what to expect because it’s the first time we’ve sold out a headlining show and we never thought we would achieve this.

Luke: Cover with ‘Wake Me Up’! We tried to find our own sound. Green Day is untouchable so we put our own twist revamp the song from a ballad to a fast pop punk song.

We grew up on green day; still blown away we got this opportunity. We hope to do them justice .

What would you’ve done differently in your career?

Inigo: No regrets. Everything turned out pretty well. If Josh didn’t rush us

Luke: Josh is the dad of the band. Just so you know

Look where we are! If we changed anything we might not be where we are!


Are you guys a party band?

We like to have a very good time on tour…

Who’s the party animal:

Inigo: haha you (Luke) and jayden!

Inigo: I’m the grandpa I just go to sleep. Have a boogie, then off to bed at 10 o’clock.

Better weather was awesome!

Luke: Favorite track to play live definitely changes. But if I had to pick to represent the whole album, it would be ‘Voldamore’. The album name “Better Weather” came from the song, it has a great mission statement. The theme of it ‘besides the weather, it gets better’. It’s a fun song to play live. High energy pop-punk. Kinda what we are about at our core!

What was the Inspiration behind it?

Luke: Jayden’s thing. Harry potter was the inspiration. Using ‘Voladamore’ as a metaphor for mental Illness.

“Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” So if we talk about depression and all that stuff. People wont be afraid to talk about it.

Most rock star thing you’ve done?

Luke: Talking about trashing hotel rooms, you want talk about Japan you cheeky bastard?

Inigo: We toured Japan with the Wonder Years and Roam. One night had way too much sake. We lit off the fire extinguisher in the hotel. Lets just leave it there…

What is your GO TO Playlist?

Inigo: For me, I am really into creeper. These are the guys to look out for. I think they are todays’ MCR! We listen to bands that we tour with. I’m stunned over this new band Introverse.

Record to lookout for in 2k17?

Inigo: I am going to go back to Creeper. Eternity in your arms!

Favourite band to tour with?

Luke: That’s a mean question. We love everyone. State Champs. As it is, Roam… We loved everyone, it’s a hard question.

What do you think about people comparing you to 5SOS

Luke: I think it’s pretty clear we sound different!

Inigo: We think they are awesome - super skilled musicians! They took us in Australia. I don’t think that we are too alike besides the fact that we are both influenced by pop punk!

Luke: We have never been more disturbed about the Tumblr fanfics…

Best moments of 2016?

Luke: Warped Tour! Whether it is pop punk or rock, It’s like a major thing. It definitely was a highlight! Going overseas as well. It has been a great year, and we don’t know how to top it!

What’s next for WC?

Luke: Better Weather has only been out recently, so still loads of touring to do. Pretty much. And maybe some writing in between. Gonna work on it!

Unlikely that the second album will come up next year but keep an eye out for it ;)

Make sure to listen to Better Weather below if you have not done so already!


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